Red Lotus Jewel Facial Kit 7-in-1 Luxury


  • 7-in-1 Facial Gift Pack
  • Jewel Facial Luxury Box
  • Instructions inside
  • Skin Polisher included


With our 7-in-1 Red Lotus Jewel Facial Kit, you have the luxury to get the salon-like glow at home. Lotus is high in Vitamin B and C, iron, and protein, all of which assist to keep the skin healthy and clean. Red Lotus Jewel Whitening 7-in-1 facial kit enhances the skin integrity, elasticity and makes skin radiant and young. The Bleach powder and volume 20 together reduces melanin to get a uniform and translucent complexion, gives you younger looking skin with visibly renewed moisture that lasts long. This facial kit has special lotus Skin Polish cream that can make the skin brighter, softer and minimize the appearance of acne, fine lines and spots. It also improves blood circulation and is effective in treating enlarged pores and blackheads.

The results of Red Lotus Jewel Whitening Facial can last for several weeks and enhance the tone, texture, and overall appearance of your skin. Usually, the results of the facial will last for about three to four weeks for most skin types.

This Red Lotus luxury box includes the following:

  • 6% Vol. 20 Whitening Oxidizing Emulsion (120ml)
  • Blonder Gel (Bleach Powder) – 80g
  • Double Action Cleanser (150ml)
  • Scrub (150ml)
  • Mud MaskĀ  (150ml)
  • Massage Cream (150ml)
  • Skin Polish (150ml)


To order White Satin 3D Gold Facial through Whatsapp: 0300-1335003

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