Kojic Haldi Chandan Facial Kit


  • Herbal facial with turmeric extracts
  • Instant results guranteed
  • Includes 6 jars of 100ml each
  • Instructions manual inside
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Out of stock



Why use our Kojic Haldi Chandan Facial?
For over centuries across the sub-continent, Turmeric (haldi) and Sandalwood (Chandan) have been traditionally used as natural remedies for skin brightening and glow. Chandan is a natural skin exfoliator, which helps get rid of dirt and impurities imbedded and accumulated in the skin. Its herbal extracts removes tan from the skin, making the complexion fair. On the other hand, haldi has been known to have properties which heals the skin and elevates its overall health. The exotic combination of these two herbs is formulated to bring glow and luster to your skin.

Product details:

  • Size: 6x100ml
  • Jar weight: 100 grams
  • Net weight: 600 grams

To order Kojic Facial through Whatsapp: 0300-1335003

Also available in Kojic Gold variant for radiant glow.


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