Kojic Chocolate Facial Kit


  • Cocoa powder extracts
  • Premium quality, branded
  • Includes 6 facial kit products
  • Instructions manual inside


Kojic’s all Chocolate Facial is a special skin treatment which is formulated to make it suitable to any skin type. Combining chocolate fragments with herbal ingredients like Vitamin-E oil, Almond oil, Papaya extract & rosemary, gives your skin an instant glow upon use, in addition to a flawless skin tone. It is proven that apart from tasting heavenly and improving the mood, chocolate, when applied to the skin has a host of benefits. From deeply moisturizing the skin, to keeping wrinkles at bay and adding a nourishing glow to the skin, chocolate does it all. The cocoa in chocolate helps stimulate blood flow to the fine capillaries right under the top layer of your facial skin, thereby providing moisture and preventing it from drying out easily. The chocolate mask saps extra oil away while moisturizing the skin from within. Kojic’s Chocolate Facial nourishes the skin while sloughing off dead cells and is great for people with oily skin. A well-known benefit of chocolate lies in its anti-aging properties; the cocoa bean has a fibrous coating which breaks down harmful free radicals which helps in removing wrinkles and lines off the skin.


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